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October News

  Scrap News

Volume 2
Issue  10

 408 West Spring Street
  Brownstown, IN  4727



Scrappy Patches Special Celebration is starting Oct. 19 & 20 thru the end of the month!
As the owner of Scrappy Patches and in business for six years, thank you for supporting my shop.
 I have seen through the years the kindness and generosity of many quilters. Teaching and helping
quilters with their projects is truly my passion.  So it is time to Celebrate! ! !  Lots have changed over
the years, and the newest face lift; opening up the back room, getting more sewing room, more cutting
space, better internet capability is for your shopping convenience.  Come in and explore the
changes, spend to win and enter for the door prizes.
Door prizes:  Grand Prize - hydraulic sewing chair, spend $200.00 to enter.
                    2nd - 24 x 36 Quilter Cutting Mat, spend $100.00 to enter.
                    3rd - Quilters Select Rotary Cutter, spend $50.00 to enter.
You may enter with your receipt but cannot combine purchases to equal the amount to enter.
Prizes will be displayed in the shop.  Drawings will be Nov. 1st. 
We are looking forward to celebrating with you, visit the first two days, (Oct. 19 & 20) to see our Face Lift
Look and receive a fat quarter & cookie for coming in.  Again, thank you for your patronage,
support and friendship, HAPPY six years, Barb Clark


I get excited when going on a trip and come across a barn quilt on a home, barn or any
outdoor structure.  Last summer on a trip to So. Dakota Sue saw many barn quilts on
businesses, at a rest stop in Ill. and homes.  The name "barn quilt" implies an entire
quilt but most are a single block.  Sizes vary, painted in solid colors and easily viewed
from far away. Someone wanting to check out a large selections of barn quilts at once
you can find "trails" listed on the net to follow.  Include some quilt shops along the way
and that could be an exciting road trip. There are many ways to express our quilting
talents and a barn quilt is just another way to show your love of quilting.  Would love
to see any other barn quilts out there, bring them in to share!

 Table Runners Class                             
Pick your favorite and let's get started for your table runner!
Classes are available Oct. 9 & 13.  Wonderful time to
learn to applique and make a beautiful project.  $10.00 for the
class, and receive 15% off class supplies.

SHOW n TELL                  


Sit n Sew 
Join us on Mondays, Wed. & Thur. for sit n sew from 9 am - 5pm.  Bring your sewing machine, projects, and sewing needs to sew and chat the day away!  Do you have a project you are stuck on, bring it in, let us help you - first time to visit
is free.  Other days available, just make arrangements with store owner, Barb

New fabric and patterns and more in shop!

Patchwork Club
 Next club meeting will be Oct. 20.  This is the beginning of our Special Celebration here
at Scrappy Patches for our 6 years of  business.  Spend to enter for door prizes - the more
you spend - the more you win.  Spend 
$50.00 & receive ticket to win 3rd prize:  Quilter's Select Rotary Cutter
Spend $100.00 & receive ticket to win 2nd prize:  24 x 36 Quilters Cutting Mat
Spend $200.00 & receive ticket to win 1st prize:  Hydraulic Sewing Chair 
Winning tickets will be drawn Nov. 1!  
 Following dates, please note some dates have changed from previous newsletter info
 Nov. 17, Dec. 15.  Two monthly meetings left, where did this year go to!

 Wisdom, Block of the Month or purchase kit - 86 x 98


This block of the month has started but not to late to start this new exciting project
Kits will be made when "all" the fabric arrives, which will be available
in May 2019.

AMORETTE, 60.5 X 74

This quilt is hanging in the shop for you to come see it's beauty.  Kits are available now
for $86.05.  Pattern is free.  If you need help to get started the second Tues. is set
aside for a free sew day to start this or any block of the month. 

Mark Your Calendars:
Columbus Star Quilt show - Oct 6 & 7, A Gathering of Quilts, Sat. 9 - 5, Sun 12 - 5, Admission $5.00.
Mill Race Center, 900 Lindsey St., Columbus, IN.   
A Harvest of Quilts by Quarry Quilters - Oct. 5 & 6 at Central Church of Christ, 1402 12th St, Corner of 12th & N, Bedford,
In.  Fri., 9 - 6, Sat 9 - 5.  Guild Challenges, demos, treasure shop Vendors, opportunity quilt. 

Special Celebration - October 19 & 20.  Something big is coming to Scrappy Patches, something big, BIG!
      Great time to visit Scrappy Patches and spend to win.

UFO Pyoca October 24 - 28.  Contact Peggy Burns 812-521-2967
Lakeview Retreat - Mon, Nov 4 - 2pm - Sun, Nov. 10 - 2 pm.  Contact Stacy Robbins 812-525-9632


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  • 408 W Spring St, Brownstown, IN  47220
  • Ph: (812) 358-1734
  • Hours: T-F: 9a-5p, Thurs. 9a-6p, 4th Sat. 9 -noon