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August News

  Scrap News

Volume 2
Issue  8

 408 West Spring Street
  Brownstown, IN  4727


Five important quilting rules taught by your teachers:
Always press to the darker fabric.  Well, almost always.  Try to press for construction.
When seams are to meet when putting blocks together, press them with one going one
way and one the other.  They will nest together and not be lumpy.
Always press seams going one way.  No way.  Sometimes the seams are too bulky
when pressed together.  There is nothing wrong with pressing seams open;
especially when there will be several meeting together.
Always use an exact 1/4 inch seam.  Good luck with that.  Once you start a project
and use the same seam allowance thru the entire project it will turn out nicely.  Just
remember if something is only a sixteenth of an inch off, over six blocks it becomes
a half-inch problem.
Always wash your fabric first.  Many moons ago this was very true.  Dyes have come
a long way, along with fabric quality.  It's probably a good idea to wash the dark fabrics,
but if in doubt, snip a corner, and soak it in warm water, squeeze it out and see if there
is any color in the water.  If so, better wash and use color catches by Shout!  PS. When
washing any new quilt use a color catcher.
So the bottom line is, just use good judgment.  If it doesn't work one way try another.
And remember the whole picture, what looks a little off to you won't even be noticed
by someone looking at an entire beautiful project. 

                             What a Mess - GONE!                             
BIG changes in the sh
op!  If you haven't been in lately we have been rearranging,
 moving this and that, making  Scrappy Patches a wonderful place to come in and sew
or shop.
  I greatly appreciate all the help
and support during this "messy" time.

Dresdren Plate Class                   

Join us to make a wall hanging or table top and get comfortable using the dresdren
plate.  Class will be from 10 - 5, $10.00 for class,
the pattern is free and you will
receive a 15% on fabric purchases to use for
this project.  The sample shows it as a Halloween
and Christmas project but
would also look lovely for Valentine or just use some of the shops
gorgeous fabrics.

Sit n Sew 
Join us on Mondays, Wed. & Thur. for sit n sew from 9 am - 5pm.  Bring your sewing machine, projects, and sewing needs to sew and chat the day away!  Do you have a project you are stuck on, bring it in, let us help you - first time to visit
is free.  Other days available, just make arrangements with store owner, Barb

New fabric and patterns, oh happy day!
Kaleidoscope Quilt: makes this outstanding project with only two fabrics. 
Color choice in blue or black!  Pattern is $4.00.
Patchwork Club
 Next club meeting will be August 25th.  Summer will be behind us and time to start thinking
 about fall.

 Following dates, please note some dates have changed from previous newsletter info 
Sept. 22,
 Oct. 20, Nov. 17, Dec. 15.

 Wisdom, Block of the Month or purchase kit - 86 x 98


This block of the month will start Sept. 10 and free classes
to sew Tues., Sept. 11. 

AMORETTE, 60.5 X 74

This quilt is hanging in the shop for you to come see it's beauty.  Kits are available now
for $86.05.  Pattern is free.  If you need help to get started the second Tues. is set
aside for a free sew day to start this or any block of the month. 

Mark Your Calendars:

Lakeview Retreat - August 6 - 12 - contact Stacy Robbins 812-525-9632.  You are welcome to come all week
or several days, bring sewing supplies, snacks to share and show n tell, bed linen provided. 
Quilt Expo, Sept. 6 - 8, 2018, Madison, Wis., More info:
Original Sewing & Quilt E*X*P*O, Cincinnati, OH, September 20, 21, & 22, 2018, Sharonville Convention 
Center,, 800-699-6309.  Workshops, classes, shopping, quilt display gallery , fashion shows
and more!
Columbus Star Quilt show - Oct 5 & 6.  More info to come later!

Special Celebration - October 19 & 20.  Something big is coming to Scrappy Patches, something big, BIG!

UFO Pyoca October 24 - 28.  Contact Peggy Burns 812-521-2967

                                                                   * * *



  • 408 W Spring St, Brownstown, IN  47220
  • Ph: (812) 358-1734
  • Hours: T-F: 9a-5p, Thurs. 9a-6p, 4th Sat. 9 -noon