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September News

  Scrap News

Volume 2
Issue  9

 408 West Spring Street
  Brownstown, IN  4727


Pre-Cuts:  Do you look at pre-cuts and wonder what exactly is in each pack.  Pre-cuts are a collection of fabric that have been previously cut by machine, stacked into piles, or rolled up, and tied
together.  Pre-cut bundles provide an inexpensive way to obtain a sampling of each fabric in a collection or line.  There is at lease one piece of each print included, sometimes two, so that means that you will have full coordinated set of fabric that is ready to be sewn into a quilt.  
Here are a few of the most common pre-cuts available and some are available in the shop:
Fat Quarter Bundle:  Approx. 18 in by 22 in, a quarter yd of fabric cut into a rectangle,
                               4 fat quarters equivalent to 1 yd fabric.
Fat Eighth Bundle:    Approx. 9 in by 22 in, eighth yd of fabric cut into a rectangle, 8 fat eights                                             equivalent to 1 yd fabric.
Jelly roll:        2 1/2 in by 44 in, cut into long strips, usually 40 fabrics per roll, equivalent to approx.
                        2 3/4 yds fabric.
Honey Bun:    1 1/5 in by 44, cut into long strips, usually 40 fabrics per roll, similar to Jelly Roll but 
                        thinner strips, equivalent to approx. 1 2/3 yds fabric.
Charm Pk:      5 in by 5 in, pre-cut squares, usually 40-42 fabrics per pack, equivalent to approx. 1/2                            yd fabric.
Mini Charm Pk:  2 1/2 in by 2 1/2 in, pre-cut squares, usually 40-42 fabric per pack, equivalent to                                approx. 1/4 yd fabric.
Layer Cake:     10 in by 10 in, pre-cut squares, usually 40-42 fabrics per pack, equivalent to
                         approx. 2 3/4 yd fabric.
Twice the Charm:  5 1/2 by 22 in, pre-cut rectangles, usually 15 fabrics per pack, equivalent to                                     approx. 1 yard fabric.

Pre-cuts sometimes have free patterns.  Some patterns now list the fabric needed or pre-cuts that
can be used.  We have a great selection and would love to get you started on a new project.

  Table Runners Class                             
Pick your favorite and let's get started for your table runner!
Classes are available Sept. 25th and 28th.  Wonderful time to
learn to applique and make a beautiful project.  $10.00 for the
class, and receive 15% off class supplies.

Dresdren Plate Class                   

Join us to make a wall hanging or table top and get comfortable using the dresdren
plate.  Class will be from 10 - 5, Sept. 29th, $10.00 for class,
the pattern is free and you will
receive a 15% on fabric purchases to use for
this project.  The sample shows it as a Halloween
and Christmas project but
would also look lovely for Valentine or just use some of the shops
gorgeous fabrics.

Sit n Sew 
Join us on Mondays, Wed. & Thur. for sit n sew from 9 am - 5pm.  Bring your sewing machine, projects, and sewing needs to sew and chat the day away!  Do you have a project you are stuck on, bring it in, let us help you - first time to visit
is free.  Other days available, just make arrangements with store owner, Barb

New fabric and patterns, words, prints & flowers & more in shop!

  (Patterns can be ordered on line - Cottage Joy by Shannon Christensen, * * ShareltWiltShannon,) fabric
is in stock!
Patchwork Club
 Next club meeting will be Sept 22nd. If you haven't been in to visit come see our "changes" and
back room sale items, plus lots of kits, new fabric and fun projects to see. 
 Following dates, please note some dates have changed from previous newsletter info
 Oct. 20, Nov. 17, Dec. 15.

 Wisdom, Block of the Month or purchase kit - 86 x 98


This block of the month will start Sept. 10 and free classes
to sew Tues., Sept. 11.  Kits will be made when "all" the fabric
 arrives, which will be available in May 2019.

AMORETTE, 60.5 X 74

This quilt is hanging in the shop for you to come see it's beauty.  Kits are available now
for $86.05.  Pattern is free.  If you need help to get started the second Tues. is set
aside for a free sew day to start this or any block of the month. 

Mark Your Calendars:
Quilt Expo, Sept. 6 - 8, 2018, Madison, Wis., More info:
Original Sewing & Quilt E*X*P*O, Cincinnati, OH, September 20, 21, & 22, 2018, Sharonville Convention 
Center,, 800-699-6309.  Workshops, classes, shopping, quilt display gallery , fashion shows
     and more!
Columbus Star Quilt show - Oct 5 & 6.  More info to come later!

Special Celebration - October 19 & 20.  Something big is coming to Scrappy Patches, something big, BIG!
      Great time to visit Scrappy Patches and spend to win.

UFO Pyoca October 24 - 28.  Contact Peggy Burns 812-521-2967

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October Issue:  Barn Quilts



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