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December News

Scrappy News
Volume 1 Issue 9

                                       408 West Spring St
                                       Brownstown, IN  47274


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To All my sewing friends, family and helpers,

It is amazing how time passes and its Christmas again.  Once more, I wish you a warmest Christmas and a meaningful celebration
of the time of birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. 

Christmas is said to be a time for sharing and joy and a season of love.   I have been blessed to have all you guys by my side,
particularly on my down and worst moment in life.  You have shown me the right path and you have given me great advise,
because of that I truly treasure our friendship.

Celebrate this Christmas like no other and try and make it as memorable as possible.  Try to make yourself happy with small things like singing Christmas Carols, buying more fabric just for the fun of it, etc.  I wish everyone comes back with loads of hope and happiness to face 2018.

May the Lord give you love, peace and joy.  Let the real essence of Christmas be always in your heart!

Sew Happy,

Barb Clark

CHRISTMAS CLOSING:  December 24 & 25, reopen the 26th. 

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