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Scrappy news for July

Scrappy News

408 West Spring St Brownstown, IN  47220

Volume 1 / Issue 4
July 2017

Spring Quilt Market 2017 continued from June

Day 3:  Friday:  Get COFFEE,  must have COFFEE,  shower so no one smells me.  Go find breakfast and more COFFEE!!!  Okay I'm ready to face the fun day!  Off to classes again, lunch if you have time.  Yea!  Spring Market is now open.  It opened at 9 a.m. but I had classes and so did the other ladies.  I had an appointment with my Checker Distributor rep at 12:30, so I had time to look around.  I started in the middle first row of vendors and went to my right, since Checker was almost the last booth.  After my appointment and seeing new notions, I finished out the day visiting the booths and seeing new items.  I happened to be around a booth that was giving away free books with autographs.  I was in line for that and a few more I happened to stumble upon.  Yea for me!  Do I need to mention that I  ended up with more brochures and a few samples to carry around that day?  Again, sore shoulders.  The nice thing is at the last part of the day I found a vendor that was selling massage equipment for shoulders, back and a machine for your feet.  I think I ended up staying there to closing time.  This was so comfy.  I didn't purchase one but I should of.  The shoulder machine really got in deep to my muscles; I could feel it the next day.  But it felt so GOOD!!!!  Went to the lecture I had signed up for, Media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)  I learned a lot that I didn't know about Facebook, etc.  Lecture was from 6 - 8 p.m.  Caught up with one of the roomies and we went back to the hotel and had supper there.  I went for a late swim before going to bed.  The water was so warm and it helped my shoulders and legs.  Visited with roomies and did show-n-tell and went to sleep.  Did I forget to mention that my bags that day were heavy again?  Saw people with rolling carts with handles, and some Tutu sewing carts.  I was going to buy one but never got to that part of the show.  LIGHT BULB moment, you have rolling luggage bags!!!!  Guess who is going to use it tomorrow?  ME!!!!  I couldn't have used it Thursday, but I could on Friday.
Day 4:  Saturday:  Breakfast, and off to class by 8 a.m. (remember to bring luggage bag with me).  After classes went to Market, started on the left hand side, got as far as the middle.  Talked with several vendors and received another free book signed by the author.  Won a die cut from Sissix.  Talked with Alex Anderson on the Quilters Select rulers.  We discussed rulers about making 1/2 sizes in the rulers, she let me know they are available now.  Alex wanted input about making 20' x 20' rulers.  I told her the 18 1/2 " was big enough.  Talked to the owner of Aurifil, a very nice man.  New vendor from France was there with lace and fabric, enjoyed her a lot.  Discussed with the Florinia sales lady, about carrying the Embroidery thread, will have to think on that one.  Found Pin Peddler asked about making a charm or pin of my symbol for my shop.  Talked to a company that imprints on totes, they can't do multi-color letters of my shops name.  Closed the quilt market and went to last lecture on how to make your shop successful, it was only an hour long, she was funny.  Went to meet up with the girls at a barbeque restaurant, it was full and the line was long, girls were already eating.  I decided to go across the street and get a sandwich.  Back to the room, girls showed up and again show-n-tell and talking and planning for last day.
Day 5:  Sunday:  Class at 8 a.m., but was so tired decided to sleep in.  That was a good idea let me tell you!  Coffee needed for this day.  We had to check out of the hotel by noon.  The other ladies ready and packed their vehicles.  Of course we had to have a little fun with the luggage cart before we left.  Finished out the middle of market and found the ones I needed to revisit or hadn't seen yet.  Found a rep for Valdani thread and I can get individual colors and not have to buy 12 of each color.  That was exciting.  My last stop was the Arrow Cabinet dealer.  I ordered 3 cabinets and one chair to sell.  You must stop in to see them!  Market closed at 4 p.m. but I was finished and tired so got a bit to eat, went back to hotel to find roommates to our good bys and headed for Indiana. 

I was exhausted but would do it again!
I wanted to thank my friends for letting me stay in their hotel room with them.  Stephanie, Natlie, Alyce and Nancy.  It was a BLAST ladies, hope to do it again with you.
Stephanie and Alyce have a long arm business.  They also piece quilts for designers along with Natlie.  They have had quilts they did in magazines.  They are celebrities and my friends.  Nancy owns a Gift merchandise store.  I'm so glad to have met you Nancy.   

          What's New!

          Upcoming Events
with owner, Barb Clark, no sewing machine necessary!  Easy, detailed rectangular rug, , 6 yards needed to make a 17' x 24' rug.  Class is Saturday, July 29th, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.  Cost of class is $10.00, pattern $14.95 and receive 15% off entire purchase when you attend class.

        Scrap Happy Sampler  with Mischell Ferguson.  Class will be a block of the month starting July 8,  10 - 5.  Cost of class is $10.00, pattern $18.00 and receive 15% off entire purchase when you attend class.  See classes for needed supplies.

Spring Sling Bag Class with Mischell Ferguson, finished size 11"' x 7" x 3"date to be announced.

Buck-a-Block - Hope you are enjoying this project.  We really enjoy visiting with you when you come in every month!  If you have another other projects to share bring them and we will take a picture and put them on the net for everyone to see.

Patchwork Club -  July 22.  We will be celebrating our great USA and a special sale on red/white/blue's. 

Southern Indiana Shop Hop 2017 was a wonderful fun success!  First and foremost, thanks to all the ladies who helped out before and during the Shop Hop.  Could not have been so successful without your help.  We had ladies from Kentucky, Illinois and Ohio.  Indiana hoppers from Batesville, Newburg, Jeffersonville and Sellersburg.  It was fun to visit with everyone who visited my shop! 





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