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Scrappy news for June

Scrappy News

408 West Spring St. Brownstown, IN  47220

Volume 1 / Issue 3
June 2017

Spring Quilt Market 2017
Market!  What can you say about Quilt Market?  "It was a BLAST!!!!"
"It was Exciting, Fun, Interesting, and Educational.  (Really, really)  Overwhelming, Exhausting!"

Day 1:  Wednesday:  Arrived at the hotel around 3:30 p.m. checked in, put luggage, etc. in room, go park car in lot.  Roommates arrived, helped them get settled.  (Boy, oh Boy did we have fun together).  Figured out if we wanted to go explore another quilt shop or go over to the convention center and look around and get our bearings.  We decided to go to the convention center and get our badges and sign up for classes we may have missed.  Okay now to look around, find all the bathroom locations, elevators, stairs, and food vendors.  All right this done; now to see if we can get a sneak peek at what it ALL looks like.  Of course we snooped around and a guy told us there was a room open and we could see what it looked like from the second floor looking down.
My first reaction to actual seeing all the vendors setting up from above them was "OH MY", and "HOW WILL I SEE IT ALL?"  The brain kicks in, you say to yourself, "My poor feet".  You calm yourself down and remind yourself, "You can do it", the sewing ladies are counting on you!  (I don't relate my sewing ladies or men as customers.  They are my extended family and friends, no matter how often or few times I see them.  Without them all, I wouldn't have a quilt shop.)  Oops!  Back to what is Quilt Market?
Later Wednesday evening we did get a bit to eat at "Robust" along with a glass of wine.  We planned out the next day of "attack", and hoping to get some rest that evening with all the excitement. 
Day 2:  Thursday:  Thursday began with opening ceremonies, (you feel like you are at the Olympics).  We had a wonderful guest speaker from England that showed slides of the life of William Morris and his journey as a designer, sponsored by Moda.  Excitement building because Moda is going to give you a goody bag as you file out and hand in your ticket.  Oh boy, Oh boy!  We received two Charm packs of fabric and a little bag and the pattern to make a small wall hanging of William Morris fabric.  Thank you Moda, really enjoyed it.
Now off to classes, you might have to go upstairs or your classes could be on the ground floor.  But I can tell you, you do a lot of walking down the long, longhallways.  If you're lucky your classes are mostly on one floor.  Oh yeah, did I tell you only have 5 minutes before next class begins!  You better go quickly to the restroom!  You get a lunch break also.
Classes were fun; I took a Reverse Applique class, Folding Hexies class, and Pleachlet Rug Making class.  The teachers were fun and informative.  Of course they were patient with everyone.  They all wanted out to enjoy what you learned to pass it along to other people. 
Now it is 6 p.m., classes are over for the day, it's time to get in line for 'SAMPLE SPREE', you choose to go eat or get in line for sample spree.  Most of us got in line for Spree, and maybe someone would get you a drink or a snack out of your group.  Spree doesn't open until 7 p.m. so you have time to visit with people and discuss what you learned that day.  The hour seems like 4 hours, but it is now time to open and everyone gets anxious to go in.  Spree is from 7 - 9 p.m.

"For those of you who don't know, sample spree is where they sell precuts of just released lines.  They bring a limited number of everything and once it's gone, it's gone."
Did I also tell you that NO rolling carts are allowed at spree, so you had better have a BIG tote and muscles to tote it around?  Not all vendors are at spree, so you don't know who or what is going to be there.  I hit the Aurifil thread booth first.  And I can't think or know who was next in line, it is all a blur.  I never got to the Moda booth, they sold our real fast.  By the time I made it to the last row, it was empty tables.  I guess you have to kind of know what you are looking for.  You know me, I had to look at it all, (I hope I did).  So guess who opened the spree and closed the spree????  Me!!!
Now to find the roommates, get something to eat, or just go by myself.  Well I decided to take the totes of goodies back to the room and then find the girls.  They were really heavy.  Almost made it to the hotel, when they found me, nope, "here we will help you carry things", so off to meet the rest of the girls for supper.  Did I mention that the bag of goodies was Really, Really Heavy?  I ended up with indentions in my shoulder and red marks from the goodies.  Yes, I would do it again.  We ended up eating Pizza with Margarita's (well some of us had Margaritas).  Finished eating and talking with everyone and a few others we met.  Headed back to the hotel and had some show and tell before bed, needless to say it was really late before we settled down.  8 a.m. cam really quick the next morning.  More to read in next newsletter - July!

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